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Harding, NJ, is an affluent and historic township known for its picturesque landscapes, exclusive residences, and commitment to preserving its rich heritage through landmarks like the Kemmerer Library.

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Harding, NJ, steeped in history, was established in the late 18th century. Named after President Warren G. Harding, the township preserves its historic character through landmarks like the Kemmerer Library, a 19th-century structure, and the Harding Township Museum, showcasing artifacts from its past. The area was once home to colonial farms and estates. Harding played a role in the Revolutionary War and later evolved into a residential haven. The township maintains a balance between its rich heritage, scenic landscapes, and a commitment to preserving its historical and natural treasures for future generations.

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Activities and Attractions

  • Kemmerer Library: A historic library offering a quiet space and a glimpse into the township's past.

  • Noe Pond Club: A private club with a scenic pond, offering recreational activities like fishing and boating.

  • Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge: A vast wildlife refuge with trails for bird-watching, hiking, and nature exploration.

  • Seaton Hackney Stables: A riding facility providing horseback riding lessons and trail rides.

  • Historic Harding Township Museum: Showcasing artifacts and exhibits related to the township's history.

  • Patriot's Path: A network of trails for hiking, biking, and enjoying the outdoors.

  • Giralda Farms: A corporate park with walking trails and picturesque landscapes.

  • Morris County Golf Club: A private golf club offering a challenging course for golf enthusiasts.

  • Recreational Parks: Harding features several parks with playgrounds, sports facilities, and open spaces for outdoor activities.

  • Equestrian Events: Given its equestrian heritage, Harding occasionally hosts horse-related events and competitions.



Harding, NJ, emanates a serene and affluent atmosphere. Nestled amid lush landscapes and upscale residences, the township exudes a sense of exclusivity. Historic sites like the Kemmerer Library and the Noe Pond Club reflect its rich past. Harding balances a quiet charm with a commitment to preserving its natural beauty. With scenic views, equestrian estates, and a tranquil ambiance, Harding offers a sophisticated and peaceful retreat, appealing to those seeking a refined and idyllic lifestyle.

Harding Schools

Harding Township Elementary School

Public • Grades K-8 
267 students • 7 student/teacher

Madison Junior School

Public • Grades6-82
589 students • 13 student/teacher

Madison High School

Public • Grades9-12 
876 students • 12 student/teacher

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